Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Waiuku & Districts Combined Churches




Mission   “To live the Christian faith and share it with everyone.”



Five guiding principles (values) support our mission statement:

  • the centrality of scripture
  • an ecumenical outlook, the world as our community
  • be open and inclusive
  • serve multi-ethnic groups, primarily through the medium of English language
  • trusting relationships



What will WDCC be like in 3 years time?


During the strategic planning process, the Parish Council set aside time to consider where God was leading our particular church. We believe that the spiritual growth of our current and potential congregation will be better served by putting in place documented strategic initiatives. These must take account of the congregation’s strengths and needs, and the opportunities for change presented by the environment in which we live. Developments will build on what we already do well and care must be taken to continue nurturing our positive aspects.


It is important to understand that these strategic initiatives provide an overview. They do not spell out details. Also some things we might envisage may not come about, but it is better to have a vision and seek God’s plan for our church, than be blindly buffeted by change. Annual Plans and the annual church Budget will be developed taking account of the Strategic Initiatives.


These annual action plans will document specific targets, actions proposed, responsibilities, target dates, resources required (including budgets). This structure will allow ongoing evaluation of our plans and any refinement to strategy. An evaluation report will be presented to the congregation annually at the AGM.


As our Minister, church employees and church members on various committees/groups are a key resource, their recruitment, training and development must take account of the Strategic Initiatives for our church.


Our Governance structure has also been reviewed to ensure it is fit for purpose and supports our Church Mission and Strategic Initiatives.



Natural Church Development



The Parish Council agreed to obtain a church profile to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our particular church, using a survey resource from the Institute for Natural Church Development (Christian A Schwarz, 1998). The questionnaire sought feedback from a representative group from the congregation on the eight quality characteristics of growing churches:


  • empowering leadership
  • gift-based ministry
  • passionate spirituality
  • effective structures
  • inspiring worship
  • holistic small groups
  • needs-orientated evangelism
  • loving relationships

 Our survey results are available (in both soft and hard copy) from our Minister. The Parish Council took account of these results during its planning process. Consideration was also given to an analysis of past plans/initiatives and particular environmental factors, including the demographics of our current church membership. After prayerful discussion the Parish Council elicited the following Broad Goals.

Broad Goals



  Goal Area  Strategic Initiative
1 Analysis of gifts i)lead congregation in a self assessment of each member’s gifts and seek to align people’s gifts with avenues of service/witness
2 Training i)ID training needs of employees, committee members, “rostered-task” volunteersii) document all current procedures in an operational manual

iii) ensure induction processes for new employees/volunteers

iv) implement training in specific areas (e.g. Op Shop, Kids Alive teachers, rostered activities)

v) consider use of specialists/consultants as appropriate


3 Relevance of worship i)parishioners able to articulate this for themselvesii) diversify style of worship music

iii) explore a “worship” team to assist minister, carefully considering the relationship of this to the Worship Committee’s role

iv) further develop the use of ICT in worship and in Christian education

v) set up a “Communion” team to enhance consistency and spirituality in offering the sacrament


4 Evangelism (internal and external) i) develop regular Sunday “after church” prayer teamii) invite evangelists

iii) continue and develop “Alpha” outreach

iv) foster Home Groups and mentoring opportunities


5 Mission outreach i)review Nepal partnership and timeframe of commitmentii) consider wider mission


6 Wider age range of membership i) implement Kids Friendly Church initiativeii) foster a Youth Service

iii) further support the Parish Assistant’s work


7 Accountability i) document Annual Parish Plan in an action oriented frameworkii) implement an evaluation format

iii) ensure annual reviews of formal job descriptions and consequential contractual/remuneration reviews as appropriate. (suggested task for Parish Secretary to oversee)

iv) set up a culture offollow up” on and “recognition” of tasks allocated to church members


8 Op Shop i) incorporate the management of the Op Shop within the church governance structure, acknowledging its critical support of our church’s missionii) document operating procedures to preserve the institutional knowledge of key leaders


9 Peninsula ministry i) review mission to the peninsula communityii) resolve long-term sustainability of “dual site” facilities on the peninsula


10 Replace minister at end of current term i) comply with regulations for short extension of term of current minister, notifying relevant church courts (particularly JRC)ii) implement process for finding new minister in timely fashion



Annual Action Plans will be documented to give effect to these Broad Goals over the next three years.




Parish Council

July 2008