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Whether you are new to this church or it has been your forever home, one of the best ways to get to know people is by enjoying good food together. Meal Mates is exactly what it sounds like--a way to make friends and share a meal at the same time! 

Twice a year (February and July) people will be invited to join a Meal Mates group. Each group will be around six to eight adults who will meet on a monthly basis for a pot-luck meal. Singles and couples are equally welcome to join.

The day, time and type of meal is entirely up to each group. You can take turns meeting in group members' homes, or meet at a local cafe, or have a picnic at the beach--again, your group will have the flexibility to decide. 

If you do not have space to host the group at your home, no problem. Someone else will be sure to be willing to do so, or you can choose to meet elsewhere. A Lead Host in each group will coordinate things and keep people informed.

The groups are changed in July, so you get to meet a new bunch of people and progressively widen your circle of contacts even further.

If you want to know more, please contact Linda or Richard

Linda Grigg -   or  Richard Gray - 

Meal Mates - a cracker way to enjoy each other's company!



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