Church: +64 (09) 235 2238 Op Shop: +64 (09) 235 7914

Our popular St Andrews Opportunity Shop is open for business Monday to Friday 9AM to 4:00PM and every Saturday 9:00AM to 1:00PM

THE NEW OP SHOP IS NOW OPEN AT 79 QUEEN STREET (RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO THE OLD ONE!). Come and see our new purpose built shop, lots of space and light and still great prices!

I am very proud to be introducing myself as Sharron Levestone, the newly appointed Retail Manager of the St. Andrews Opportunity Shop. I am the wife of Curtis Levestone and the mother of Damian and Danielle Johnson. Most of you know me though as a parishioner of this parish; daughter of Les and Lynne Ferguson; member of Parish Council and a member of Outreach and Education Committee.

As an already active member of this parish, as well as being involved in the discussions/meetings around the new Op Shop, I feel that this will be an asset in helping me lead my experienced volunteers in a new direction. I have lots of ideas as well as changes that I will be slowly implementing to better the smooth running of the Op Shop.

This is a new chapter in my life as well as a career change. I look forward to this challenge and will endeavour to perform my duties adequately. I have more recently been a relief teacher and private tutor but do have knowledge and experience in working in the retail industry both in New Zealand and overseas.

These will be a busy next few weeks with the packing up of the old shop and the moving into the new premises. We look forward to hearing from any volunteers to help with this big move over Queens Birthday Weekend. It will be an exciting day when the new Op Shop is officially opened on June 18th.

At this time I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful work that both Rosalie and Jeannette have done so far to make the shop such a success. I look forward to working alongside them as we move forward.


Sharron Levestone
Op Shop Manager

Phone: 09 235 7914



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