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Toolbox is part of Parenting Place. Their mission statement is : ‘Supporting parents* to build strong family relationships.’

Gaylyn Wills and Pauline Livesey are both trained Toolbox facilitators. Toolbox courses are full of common sense and inspirational ideas that can only have a positive impact on those who participate.

Toolbox courses are delivered in three age groups – Preschool, Primary, and Teenage. Each course runs for six sessions. Building Awesome Whanau is a course that spans the early and middle years There is a comprehensive manual, ‘experts’ on video and lively interaction.

Although the facilitators do this work voluntarily, there is a course fee for each participant that must be paid to Parenting Place. St Andrews Community Trust believes this is such a valuable resource for local families that we aim to provide a 50% subsidy for each participating parent.

For enquiries about when our next Toolbox course will be run, please contact the St Andrew's Centre office. Please note that there are no planned courses for 2024. You can find do the courses online and search for other locations that offer the course you want. Visit


*Parenting Place's mission statement's use of the word 'parent' includes anyone raising a child, including parents, caregivers, grandparents, aunties, uncles, guardians, foster carers.

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