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Policies and Procedures

Waiuku and Districts Combined Churches is bound by the policies and procedures of its parent organisations, the United Congregations of Aotearoa New Zealand, The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Methodist Church of New Zealand. Relevant excerpts from these policies and procedures are listed below.


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Church Council governance structure Here

  • Our Beliefs
    • The faith we affirm together (UCANZ 1994) Here
  • Our Values
    • UCANZ Code of Ethics Here
    • PCANZ Code of Ethics Here
    • PCANZ Children and Youth Ministry Code of Ethics Here
    • PCANZ Child Protection Policy Here
    • PCANZ Complaints procedures Here
  • Church Governance
    • UCANZ Procedures For Co-operative Ventures 2018 Here
    • PCANZ Book of Order Here
    • UCANZ Guidelines for a local church review Here
    • WDCC Governance and Structure Here
  • Finance and Administration
    • PCANZ Church Management Support Guide Here
    • WDCC Money Handling Policy Here
  • Employees and Volunteers
    • UCANZ Guidelines for employing people in the local church Here
    • UCANZ Guidelines for a ministry appointment review Here
    • PCANZ Employing and managing staff Here
    • PCANZ Conditions of service manual Here
  • Property and Insurance
    • MCNZ Church Property and Insurance Manual Here
    • MCNZ Asbestos Management Plan Here
    • MCNZ Emergency Response Plan Here
  • Health and Safety
    • Incident Reporting and Investigation Here
    • Covid-19 Response Here



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