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Plans are well underway for our fourth year of the Advent Boxes. A big thank you must go to all those who are creating a box to suit the occasion. This year our theme is Christmas around the world. With so many cultures now making Waiuku their home we think it is time to pay tribute to the rich and diverse culture we have here.

What are these boxes all about? Well they are called advent boxes because they work on the principal of the advent calendars. There is one box in each of the 11 shops and one in the St Andrews centre. They will be in the shops before 2nd December. Each day at 12midday we open one box and in the box there will be a creation to depict a country. There will be a notice on the box to let you know the opening date, On Christmas Eve the last box will be opened at the Church following the morning service which is from 9.30 till 10.30am. The boxes will remain open in the shop for several days after that so you will have time to see them.

Those doing the boxes spend a lot of time and their skills to put these together for everyone to enjoy. This is something we do in the community for everyone to enjoy at Christmas at no cost for you to share. It is not a commercial venture that will end up costing money. The shops are lending the space and we are very grateful for their participation and willingness. Thank you.

We at St Andrews believe and celebrate the birthday of Jesus at Christmas. It is a time for Joy, Peace and Love. This is a time we want to share with you all.

Below are some boxes from 2014. 




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