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This multi-purpose centre was opened on 1 April 2006 and the design deliberately incorporated the conviction that the church needed to orientate towards the community whilst retaining worship space.

The building provides excellent community facilities and an auditorium which admirably serves the needs of the worshipping community.

Consequently, the St Andrews Centre is used by a wide range of church and community groups who make use of the large lounge area and kitchen, as well as the smaller meeting rooms for more intimate gatherings.

The main auditorium seats almost 200 people and can expand to seat over 300 people with the modern audio visual system enabling all to hear and see the proceedings.

In the auditorium there is a crèche room where young children and their carers can go. The viewing window and sound system enables those in that room to remain part of the service.

For further information on the use of church buildings, please contact the church office


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We are a group of congregations who come under the management of the Waiuku and Districts Combined Churches. It is our desire to include under this umbrella, anyone who wishes to worship with us. In short, we are a place for the public to worship and meet but we are not a public place. As a worshipping people, our minister or presbyter is responsible for the spiritual well being of those who worship in any of our church buildings. This means that the minister has the responsibility for deciding, in consultation with the church’s leadership, who may conduct services in the buildings. This applies to all services. But in particular parishioners need to take this into account when they wish someone other than the minister-in-charge, to conduct a funeral, wedding or baptismal service.

Before confirming arrangements for any such ceremony it is a requirement to consult the minister-in-charge.

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