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Policies and Procedures

Waiuku and Districts Combined Churches is bound by the policies and procedures of its parent organisations, the United Congregations of Aotearoa New Zealand, The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Methodist Church of New Zealand. Relevant excerpts from these policies and procedures are listed below.

We believe that:

  • God is our Creator, Jesus is our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit is our Helper and Guide.

 It is my privilege as Minister of Waiuku and District Combined Churches to welcome you to our Web page.  It is our hope that this will give you a glimpse into the life and work of this vibrant parish.  We are a Christian community that seeks to build up people in their faith, as well as reaching out into the community beyond our doors and our shores.

Presbyterian Origins

The first Presbyterian service in Waiuku was held in Jenkins Store on 23 November 1856. The Reverend Thomas Norrie came from Papakura and preached to 80 people. In 1857 a ‘school house’ was built for meetings and worship for all Protestants. This became the foundation for the establishment of the Presbyterian Church in Waiuku, for in 1859 the Waiuku Presbyterian Station was established and in 1863 the Charge, known as Waiuku, Mauku and Districts was formed. A Mr Eccles was sent to minister to this charge under the direction of the Rev Thomas Norrie.

To engage people in meaningful relationships with God by:

  • Offering regular times of Worship that are inclusive of varying traditions, ages, cultures, creeds and styles of worship.



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