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Waiuku and Districts Combined Churches is a child-friendly church. Here children are welcomed, celebrated and nurtured.

St Andrew's Centre has a crèche set up where you can play with your preschooler and still hear the srvice through the sound system.

Learning for all
Our services at St Andrew's have a regular interactive 'Learning for all' segment towards the beginning of our service, where the minister interacts with the children, teaching an aspect of the Christian faith at a level children can understand. Children and adults alike enjoy this informal and engaging part of our service.

All age service
St Andrew's Centre has periodic 'all age' services in which sometimes the normal row seating is replaced with seating around tables. Craft or other activities based on a theme are provided so all ages can discuss and participate together.

School holiday programmes
Occasionally, and generally in conjunction with other Waiuku churches, we may hold a school holiday programme at St Andrew's Centre. 

Weekday activities
St Andrew's Centre has a Ministry of Education certified playgroup, which is held concurrently with mainly music on Tuesday mornings. 

Please contact the church administrator for further details on any of the above,



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